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Program Hours: 7:30 AM to 5:30PM

Summer Program

Our summer program is a partial-language immersion program; meaning half of the day is led in Spanish and half of the day is led in English. Each week follows a different theme and includes fun games and activities that teach Spanish vocabulary and simple phrases.

Recreation times

Free play and recreation times allow for student-led exploration, physical development and social interaction with peers

Extra-curricular activities

Afternoon extra-curricular activities that promote physical education and spiritual development include music, dance, art, religion, sports (at no additional cost).


Cultural competency is taught through daily interaction in our multi-cultural environment

Requirements for Enrollment


Ages 30 months-11 years

Potty Trained

All children must be fully potty trained.


All students must be current on shots/immunizations. A copy of your child’s immunization record must be kept on file at the center.

Parents agreement

Parents must sign an agreement stating that a family member will regularly attend meetings and commit to partnering with us in the child’s education.


Registration: $100

Days Tuition Supply fee
5 days (Monday-Friday) 170/week $40 June
3 days (Mon/Wed/Fri) $121/week $30 June
2 days (Tuesday/Thursday) $93/week $30 June

$10 weekly discount for full-time siblings