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Shauna Gartner

I am Shauna Gartner. I grew up here in West Columbia and graduated from Airport High in 2007. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from College of Charleston. Currently, I am a Special Education teacher at Airport High School. My husband, John, works full-time in the National Guard. We learned about the My Amigos program by seeing all the wonderful pictures in the hallways when we would come to St. David’s. We were so blessed to get a spot in the middle of the year last year. My daughter is currently a 4K student at My Amigos, and it has been incredible to see how well she is embracing and using the Spanish Language. We have been so blessed with the teachers and staff at My Amigos. I am so excited to be a part of the board so that I can spread and promote the awesome things that are happening here at My Amigos!

Alicia Fordham

Board Member
Greetings! My name is Alicia Fordham, and I am pleased to serve on the My Amigos Board of Directors. My hometown is Mt. Pleasant (SC), but Columbia has been home since 2012. I relocated to the area after accepting a new career opportunity. I am the proud mother of one daughter, who has been a My Amigos student since 2021.  Professionally, I possess over fifteen years of field and supervisory experience as a public servant in the field of Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Corrections. Currently, I serve as the Communications Coordinator for a Public Safety Division, where I supervise ten Telecommunication Operators. My educational background includes a Paralegal degree, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Business Management. As I believe in lifelong learning, I am completing a graduate certificate in Organizational Development with a focus in Human Resources, Leadership, Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Outlook. I look forward to continuing the momentum of greatness that surrounds the Mission and Vision of My Amigos Bilingual Education Center. Through our teamwork and dedication to our children, I am excited to see “Oh the places they will go!"

Flavia Gibson

My name is Flavia Gibson, and I am a social worker and licensed mental health therapist. I attended the University of South Carolina and graduated with my Bachelor´s in Criminal Justice in 2015. After volunteering at different agencies, I found my passion for social work and decided to return to school. I graduated in 2018 with my Masters in Social Work from the University of South Carolina. I currently work for a non-profit agency providing mental health services and support to children and families who have experienced child abuse. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My family and I moved to the United States in 2001. Over the years and throughout my educational experience, I have learned to value education but more specifically, bilingual education. As someone who did not know the language and had to learn it during middle school at the age of 13, I remember the obstacles I faced and the challenges my family went through. I am honored to serve My Amigos in the capacity that I am because it is a place that brings so many needed opportunities to children and their families. These children are our future, and the future looks bright.

Kimberly Tanner

Board Member
Hi! My name is Kimberly Tanner and I am enthusiastic about being a member of the board at My Amigos. Having had the experience as a native Spanish speaker, the Bilingual Education I received in Elementary school was fundamental to my learning English. I think it is important to assist in the Bilingual development of children whose primary language is something other than English. My daughter has attended classes at My Amigos for 2 years and her mastery in both languages has improved exponentially. I believe that bilingualism is an important tool to have in our community and look forward to serving with that end in mind.