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Development Areas

At My Amigos Bilingual Education Center Preschool, all of our activities support the development of children. We design our lessons to meet each child's unique learning style. Whether your child is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, our activities will engage and inspire! The areas in which we plan to focus on each child are as follows:


Teaching letters, numbers and basic concepts through thematic units that allow for growth in early literacy skills, mathematics and science. Cognitive development will be achieved through:
  • Implementing a thematic, bilingual curriculum to teach literacy skills and arithmetic
  • Instruction and activities designed to teach vocabulary including space/depth and time concepts
  • Instruction and activities designed to teach recognition of numbers and letters in both English and Spanish


Modeling and teaching acceptable habits and behaviors including cultural acceptance, respect for all people, use of proper manners. Providing field trips and experiences that allow children to cultivate compassion, responsibility and an appreciation for diversity. Cognitive development will be achieved through:
  • Modeling and teaching life skills such as proper manners, cooperation, communication, leadership and respect
  • Field experiences that promote social responsibility and encourage compassion for members of the community
  • Introducing children to other cultures and their practices
  • A secure environment in which to play and practice acceptable behaviors in our society


Teaching proper nutrition, exercise habits, offering healthy snack choices, providing opportunities for both large and fine motor development. Physical development will be achieved through:
  • Proper nutrition – healthy snacks will be provided
  • Multicultural sporting activities and outdoor play for gross motor skills
  • Artistic/creative expression and writing for fine motor skills


Using Bible stories to introduce children to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Teaching that He is ever-present, all-knowing and offers unconditional love to ALL people regardless of skin color, language, religion, size or shape and that we can talk to Him through prayer. Spiritual development will be achieved through:
  • Spiritual experiences such as Bible stories that demonstrate how God created humans and he loves them unconditionally
  • Stories that tell of those who followed Godly examples and made a difference in the world
  • Teaching children how to pray
  • Daily modeling how God would want us to live


In combination with Spiritual and Social Development which help create a sense of belonging and acceptance, we also encourage independence and build each child’s self-concept through positive encouragement while modeling physical signs of affection through hugs, a helping hand or kind words. Emotional development will be achieved through:
  • Encouraging independence and self-reliance in a non-threatening, supportive setting
  • Building each child’s self-concept and self-esteem through experiences that include family and friends
  • Activities that teach children how to express feelings with the appropriate words
  • Modeling physical signs of love such as hugs or helping others


Immersion in both English and Spanish languages by native speakers of the language focusing on specific vocabulary sets and verbal sentence structure through repetition with ultimate goal of voluntary language reproduction. Language development will be achieved through:
  • Implementation of our own uniquely designed, bilingual curriculum.
  • Immersion in both the Spanish and English languages throughout each day (Monday –Friday).
  • Two adults in each class – one native English speaker and one native Spanish speaker to ensure proper pronunciation of each language