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My Amigos Bilingual Education Center (MABEC) established in the Midlands of South Carolina, prepares children, our future leaders, to be well educated, strong in character, emotionally sound, physically conditioned and culturally competent while growing and learning in a Christian, multicultural learning environment.

In today’s global society, greater opportunities are in store for the bilingual individual. Such opportunities will be available to each child who grows and learns through his/her experience at My Amigos Bilingual Education Center and continues using the second language regularly. Additionally, our inclusive, multicultural environment encourages respect for diversity and provides a safe place to practice social skills, character building skills and biblical principles. The complete experience will result in a bilingual child who is not only prepared to enter primary school, but is prepared to positively impact the world.

As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization , MABEC relies heavily on support from donors. Without their help, this program would not be possible. We organize fundraisers 2-3 times per year in order to give the community an opportunity to participate with us. All donations are tax-deductible for individuals and businesses. You can help children have greater opportunities by supporting bilingual education.

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Our Programs

Our goal is to serve the community of the Midlands in every way we can!

Programs are for children from 30 months to 11 years old!



  • 5.0

Curriculum is 50% teacher-initiated and 50% student-initiated. We meet South Carolina “Good Start, Grow Smart” standards so that every child is ready for Kindergarten.

Duration7:30am- 5:30pm



  • 5.0

Spanish lesson where they practice reading, writing and conversing in the Spanish language.


Age5y - 11y



  • 5.0

Partial-language immersion program. Each week follows a different theme and includes fun games and activities that teach Spanish vocabulary and simple phrases.

Age30mo - 11y

132 Saint Davids Church Rd, West Columbia, SC 29170-2313.

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