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Preschool Program

Preschool 2

Children will be taught in a Spanish/English dual-language immersion environment. If child is addressed in Spanish, he/she is expected to respond in Spanish; equally, if addressed in English, he/she is expected to respond in English. MABEC curriculum is 50% teacher-initiated and 50% student-initiated. While incorporating cultural competency and language acquisition, we meet South Carolina “Good Start, Grow Smart” standards so that every child is ready for Kindergarten. Below are some specific points that define our unique curriculum:


  • Cognitive and language skills are developed through lessons and experiences that include letters, numbers, colors, shapes, simple reasoning, sequencing, matching/organizing objects, opposites, rhyming, patterns. Motor skills to include cutting, drawing, writing, balancing and skipping.
  • Teacher-initiated lessons follow thematic units such as: Transportation, Seasons, Careers, Outer Space, etc.
  • Cultural competency is taught through daily interaction in our multi-cultural environment as well as study of other countries and cultures including customs, foods and religions.
  • Daily character building activities encourage proper social and emotional development, self-help skills, nutrition, manners and values.
  • Afternoon extra-curricular activities that promote physical education and spiritual development include music, dance, art, religion, sports (at no additional cost).
  • Free play and recreation times allow for student-led exploration, physical development and social interaction with peers.

Requirements for Enrollment

  • Ages 30 months-4 years for preschool (Must be 30 months old by September 1 in order to enter the 2 & 3-year-old class; Must be 4 years old by September 1 in order to enter the 4-year-old class.)
  • All children must be fully potty trained
  • All students must be current on shots/immunizations. A copy of your child’s immunization record must be kept on file at the center.
  • Parents must sign an agreement stating that a family member will regularly attend meetings and commit to partnering with us in the child’s education.

Program Hours: 7:30 AM to 5:30PM

Registration: $50

DaysPriceSupply feePaid Months
5 days (Monday-Friday) 160/week $90 $45 in August and $45 in January
3 days (Mon/Wed/Fri) $111/week $60 $30 in August and $30 in January
2 days (Tuesday/Thursday) $83/week $60 $30 in August and $30 in January

 $10 weekly discount for full-time siblings

Preschool 1

 Preschool 1 

Schedule 3 Years old

Schedule 4 Years old